Bowfishing Trips

Our fully guided and equipped bowfishing trips start with meeting your guide at the prearranged lake. After the business details (payment and liability waiver) are taken care of we will go over bowfishing basics. This includes safety and the use of bowfishing equipment (provided, but you are welcome to bring your own). Our guide will make sure everyone in the fishing party is familiar with the equipment, how to safely use it and that it is setup correctly for the person shooting it.

Once everyone understands the basics we will go out on the dock and take some practice shots in the water. Due to the diffraction effect of the water, the targets/fish are not where they look to be. To hit your target you must aim below where you would normally aim for a target out of the water. Our guides will walk you through how to guage this and offer tips and suggestions as needed. This practice time helps ensure your time in the boat has the best chance of you getting fish. Don’t feel bad if it takes a few shots to get a hang for shooting into the water. Our guides are happy to help and wait till you get comfortable shooting.

After everyone is comfortable shooting we will get out on the water and get the lights going. Everyone will be shown their spot on the shooting platform and your guide will work with you to identify the rough fish that are allowed to be shot while bowfishing in Minnesota. Carp, Dogfish, and Bullheads are the bulk of the fish we shoot at. You will likely see plenty of game fish as well, so if you are not sure what the fish is, don’t shoot.

Our guides will have their boats equipped with required safety equipment. If you have a favorite life jacket feel free to bring it, but we provide life vests for everyone on the trip.

If weather conditions will not allow for a safe trip (at our guides discretion) your trip will be rescheduled with no loss of deposit. We may also cut a trip short if the conditions warrant it and reschedule your trip. If rain is in the forecast please bring rain gear.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks. Our guides will provide a small selection of drinks as part of your bowfishing package. Alcohol is not allowed. No exceptions. If any member of your party is intoxicated your trip will be canceled and no refund will be given. We suggest you bring bug spray, rain gear and a change of clothes (leave them in your vehicle to change into at the end of the trip in case you get wet or a little fishy while out on the lake). For day trips polarized sunglasses are a must and sunscreen and hats are recommended. For night trips long sleeves and pants help with both the bugs and possible lower temps. If bugs really get to you we also suggest clear lens safety glasses and head nets.

Damage fees / equipment replacement fees may apply for any damage done to the boat or bows. This includes dry firing the bow (shooting it without an arrow on the string) or dropping it in the water where we can not retrieve. If you abuse our gear or don’t follow the instructions of our guide you will be responsible for any resulting costs. Lost arrows are a part of fishing and will not be billed.

A valid MN fishing license is required and any game law violations (including shooting the wrong type of fish) will not be allowed. When in doubt, don’t shoot!

At the end of your trip our guide will dispose of any fish you don’t want to take home and will handle all clean up.

Tips for the guide are welcome. Please keep in mind that they can only do so much to show you fish. The number you see will depend on many things out of their control.

WARNING – like any shooting sport there is a danger in participating. Dry firing a bow can injure you and those around you. Always keep the bow point in a safe direction (even when not pulled back) and always be certain what you are shooting at and what is beyond it. While we will be over shallow water most of the time, we do go over deeper water when moving from spot to spot. If you are not a strong swimmer make sure your guide is aware of it. LIFE VESTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.